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Amazon AMS Campaign Overview

One way to convince you this is a worthwhile effort is to show you actual reports from a few clients who've already hired us to run AMS campaigns for them.

Client A - Non-fiction books for job seekers

Definitely moving in the right direction. Impressions went up by over 400% !


One month later...


To this...


From the client:

"Our Amazon sales are doing very well. I am sending 1,000 books to my distributor tomorrow."

Client B - Vietnam memoir



His ranking jumped as a result of our efforts (top ten in 3 categories):

And more recently...


Signing up

What's included?

A successful Amazon PPC campaign requires

(our service includes all of these)

  1. Updating targeted titles (where we get the most clicks) based on the bestsellers in your categories (which are always changing).
  2. Adding negative keywords that might be costing you money for clicks that are poorly targeted.
  3. Revisiting categories we are targeting and add more if appropriate (Amazon is always adding new ones).
  4. Update the PPC $ amounts where your min. bid is no longer competitive (and getting you clicks).
  5. Adding/removing keywords.

Please Note: Our fee does not include Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) costs. We set up limits by campaign and the minimum amount Amazon allows is $100/campaign. The PPC budget will likely be spread over the first 2-3 months (or longer) since it depends on how often readers click on your ad and you can pause your campaign at anytime which will prevent any further charges from Amazon.

After you sign up with us, you may to create an AMS account and add your credit card for payment of the pay-per-click ads on Amazon.

Follow these instructions to setup your AMS account

Sign up via your KDP bookshelf

Signing up for an AMS account via your KDP bookshelf

You can also learn more here.

You must provide me admin access to your AMS account!

If you do setup an account and hire us to assist you with setting up a campaign, you will need to add me as an admin so I can give access to my marketing coordinator. This allows us to create and manage campaigns for you. Please be sure to use my Amazon email address: at Here's a screenshot:

Previous Ads

Example Text

Please note that we are limited to 250 characters, but 150-250 is recommended.

Less is more!

Character Limits: 50 for title, 150 for description

Here's a successful ad:

Title: Life Principles: and Work

Text: "...invaluable guidance." - Bill Gates "Filled with such wisdom." -Arianna Huffington

Title = 25 characters. Text = 85 characters.

Compare that to these ads which have text that is too small to read - and it's less likely the shopper will take the time to read all the words. A successful ad needs to draw our attention (which tends toward a lazier/easier route):

I'm available to elaborate and discuss additional options. Please use my online scheduler to book a marketing consultation.

My best,
Brian Schwartz
805-225-1251 PDT