Our measure of success is defined by the success of our clients.

Dear Author,

Thank you for considering working with us! As a work-for-hire publishing consulting firm, our sole focus is on the needs of our clients. This includes book design and layout (print and eBook), marketplace setup, and book marketing campaigns. We entered the industry in 2009 and were one of a small number of firms Amazon referred authors to for assistance in digital publishing. We work with less than 25 authors per year and because of our smaller size, we are able to provide higher quality, dedicated support, and fast turn-around – all aspects of our business model designed to benefit you, our most valued client. Each new client benefits from the cumulative experience that results from the previous work we’ve completed for the hundreds of clients who’ve already hired us. This overview is provided to give you a better sense of our services and fee structure. It follows a proven phased process based on best practices we have been refining since 2010. Every clients' needs are different, and starting off with a one-hour consultation is an important first step.

The Self Publish Pledge

My mission is to provide you access to proven strategies, techniques, and tools used by successful authors and publishers.

During our initial consultation, I will put together the plan we discuss in your AuthorDock.

We've helped authors succeed by sticking to a phased (iterative) approach:

In addition to these 5 major phases I recommend we setup a AMS campaign to help get your book in front of potential readers who are already on Amazon after it has a dozen or more reviews.

We are committed to delivering nothing less than our very best every day (and always strive to improve on our best). We discovered long ago that our success is a direct result of the success of our clients. Our aim is produce a result that measures up to the appreciation we have for the work you have already done.

5 Steps to Self Published Success

Phase 1: Get your eBook edition formatted, converted & published to Amazon

Phase 2: Offer complimentary review copies (ARCs) to book reviewers

Our service includes setting up web pages to: collect, distribute, and track reviews. We will also send out an email blast to our 200+ opt-in reviews at ReviewerPerks.com

You can learn more about our ARC campaigns, including a short walkthrough video here.

Phase 3: Setup your author profile pages

We can setup and maintain your author profile pages at Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and/or your author website. Additional options include: Instagram, TikTok, Press Releases, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

Phase 3.5: Produce Audiobook


We've discovered that no matter how many times an author reads their book, they still miss a few errors that don't surface until they hear their books read aloud. We can start with an AI narrated audiobook and eventually produce a professional narrated edition (by an experience voice actor).

Phase 4: Setup print-on-demand edition

While advance copies are being read & reviewed, we'll complete formatting on the final retail edition.

Phase 5: Run an Amazon KDP bestseller campaign

To boost your credibility and visibility, we can run a KDP Bestseller campaign. It entails taking your eBook off-sale at all marketplaces (except amazon), signing up for a 3-month exclusive, and building a campaign around your 5 free days. We enlist the support (via paid placements) of partners who will feature your eBook in front of nearly 1 million subscribers. We guarantee a top 10 ranking (our success rate of hitting No. 1 bestseller status in at least one category is 99%), and we have landed in the top 10 in at least 1 category in every campaign we’ve ever run.


Nearly everything we do is managed in AuthorDock. It's the ultimate project management tool that you and your entire team will be using to correspond in one central location. As a customer, you will be provided access to a secure project room to be utilized for the duration of the project. The beauty of AuthorDock is that you don't need to depend on email and everyone is always on the same page.

Authordock is the tool we developed in-house to manage the work we do and provide our clients with updates and quick access to vital information. You'll find AuthorDock is uniquely tailored to the needs of authors and publishers!

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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