KDP Bestseller Campaign

Dear author,

The primary goal of a KDP campaign is to expand your audience and obtain bestseller status at some point during your 5-day giveaway campaign.

The lingering effect is that for every book downloaded, it is added to the buyers profile. Because Amazon recommends products based on matching up buyer profiles, the more times your book is downloaded, the more likely your book will be recommended to similar Amazon shoppers.

Those who read the kindle book are also reminded by Amazon to post a review.

Additional titles from the same author will typically be recommended to the reader by Amazon as well.

We guarantee we will get your book on the top 10 list of at least one category (most likely number one in at least one category), making your title a bona fide Amazon bestseller (with bragging rights for the life of your book). We'll capture a screenshot once it's on the bestseller page and issue a press release as a permanent artifact.

Our responsibility:

Please note: You can only run one 5-day KDP giveaway OR Kindle Countdown every 90 days (per the terms set forth by Amazon KDP).

Signing up

The KDP bestseller campaigns are included with our AuthorDock ♔ VIP service. Learn more here.

I'm also available to elaborate and discuss additional options. Please use my online scheduler to book a marketing consultation.

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Brian Schwartz
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