eBook Layout and Conversion

WHEREAS the Author desires to have the Service Provider prepare manuscript into formats suitable for digital publishing (.epub & .mobi) and ready to publish directly to the major eBook marketplaces (i.e. Amazon) and the Service Provider desires to digitally prepare the Work, on the terms and conditions and in consideration of the covenants set forth herein;


Service Provider shall deliver to the Author the Work in compliant formats that are ready-to-publish directly to the major marketplaces.

There may be minor variations in the final e-book version compared to the print or pdf version (these are consistent with best practices for the vast majority of eReaders):

Author's Responsibility

Account setup with Marketplaces (optional)

It is expected that Author will (or already has) establish Author accounts with Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. Account approval is outside Service Provider’s control, however Service Provider will do its best to assist a problem occurs. Author may not withhold final payment awaiting new account approval at any of the marketplaces, nor will Author receive a refund if accounts are not approved. We will assist you in creating an account at Amazon KDP if you have not already.

Not included in this scope:

The following services are NOT provided in this scope

Sample Work

Standard format eBooks:

Fixed layout eBooks:

Note: you will need to download them to a device that supports this format (Kindle or iPad), as the pop-up previewer Amazon provides does not accurately display Fixed Layout books.

Prices are based on the scope of the project as outlined in this proposal, based on submission of Author’s files received by Service Provider. All quoted prices are in effect for sixty (60) days. Author understands that any changes to the Work after it has been submitted may result in an $85/hour fee.

Marketplace Setup (Option)

Service Provider shall setup title for sale on Selected Marketplaces to Author’s account(s).

Additional fees apply.

There are other providers like Kobo & Nook, but since 2018, we haven't been recommending them because the vast majority of my clients see zero sales from those marketplaces.

Service Provider shall complete title setup (including upload compliant files) to Author’s accounts and provide Author with direct links (URLs) to the listings when they go live.

Author’s responsibility

Additional Services Available

I'm available to elaborate and discuss additional options. Please use my online scheduler to book a marketing consultation.

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