Advance Reader Copy (ARC) Campaign

If you've already published your book and are unable to do an ARC (as explained below), I recommend our popular Goodreads Reviewer Outreach program.

WHEREAS the Author desires to have Service Provider assist in a pre-release (or initial outreach) ARC (Advance Reader Copy) marketing campaign in an effort to gather genuine credible reviews (from experienced book reviewers) for use in publication and to increase the number of legitimate reviews by providing Author requests for review copies.

Service Provider will promote Author’s work through (site for book reviewers) with an email blast to our 280+ opt-in reviewers.

Included in Service Providers services:

The purpose of an ARC campaign is to get your book in the hands of reviewers with the intention of gaining new reviews on (where reviews carry the most weight). Because every title is unique, we can't guarantee a specific number of reviewers will request your book. The effort we put into every outreach is the same. We also can't guarantee how many of them will actually post reviews. Just keep in mind we ask for honest reviews and cannot pay for reviews (it violates Amazon's review policy). Fulfillment of reviewer copies will always be at your discretion.

ARC page setup

Will include the following:

  1. Reviewer request page.
  2. eBook fulfillment page.
  3. Online Tracker (allowing you to see who requested a copy and when so you can follow-up for a review).


Albeit a bit dated, this video steps through some of the things we do during an ARC Campaign:

A list of some past campaigns can be found here.

Here is a visual to explain further:

You see an example of how the pages would look (feel free to click through as if you were a potential reviewer):

Reviewer Tracker

You will also receive an email anytime someone requested a copy of your book, which also populates a Google sheet automatically that you will have access to:

Also recommended

I'm available to elaborate and discuss additional options. Please use my online scheduler to book a marketing consultation.

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