PubWriter - Author Platform Builder

PubWriter is a 'web canvas' that allows you to publish and manage your web content through Dropbox on your own domain. You create (or edit) your page, hit save, and seconds later, it's published on your website. There's nothing to upload, patch, or maintain. You'll love the 'Save-to-Publish' solution we've created.

PubWriter is the cornerstone of the Fan Building Framework.

Key components the framework provides include:

  1. Google webmaster tools to improve your SEO (findability on Google & Bing).
  2. Website Analytics (to see how much traffic is coming to your site).
  3. Links to your social media pages (optional).
  4. Links to your product & preview pages (and/or writing samples).
  5. Contact us form and review copy request page.
  6. Seamless branding w/your book (familiar fonts/colors).

Advantages PubWriter offers over other web publishing platforms:

  1. Your entire site is backed up at all times and on your own Dropbox account (allowing access from any device).
  2. It's mobile-friendly (as much as 50% of all web traffic is now mobile).
  3. It's a static page so it loads extremely fast (helpful for your Google ranking).
  4. You can choose to write in plain text or use page templates.
  5. It runs on the Bootstrap framework (which offers an ever-expanding array of plugins and tools to enhance your site).
  6. You can share your Dropbox with an editor (or collaborator) who can edit your work and his/her changes will be applied to your site when they hit save (no more back & forth emailing files).

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If desired, I can also include set up on a bulk emailer to collect subscribers (the first 2,500 are free).


If desired, I can also include setup on a bulk emailer to collect subscribers (first 2,500 are free).

Examples (Authors on PubWriter)

You could say that in many ways, PubWriter was designed around the specific needs of authors and independent publishers. Yes, you could hire any web designer, but why not hire on who understands book publishing better than the rest?

Author sites I've recently built (hosted on PubWriter):

  1. Eric Bartosz - Bar40
  2. Bobby Luisi
  3. Warden Force by Terry Hodges
  4. Ed Duncan
  5. Robert Steele
  6. Doug Garland - Author - Pre-book launch in process
  7. Jim D'Ville - Author
  8. Crashing the Party - Bestselling Author
  9. Guts 'N Gunships - Bestselling Author
  11. A Sharp Turn
  12. Leroy Henry
  13. Marijuana Business Books
  14. Jeff Grissler
  15. Julia Soriano
  16. Paul Fichera
  17. Len Carpenter
  18. Chris Werness
  19. Ed Smink
  20. Mary Kay Stenger
  21. Winterline Stories
  22. Ted Christopher
  23. Richard Kurtz
  24. Bill Froehlich
  25. Winning Political Debates
  26. Daniel Logan

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