Dear Mary,

There's a lot we can do to help get The Search for Blue Sky in the hands of reviewers.

The first year is the most critical for the 'infancy' of a book. After you've built a strong foundation, your book has the best chances for success. Like to sending a child off to college, albeit in much smaller timeframe.

I recommend you check out Where's my Mother's Leg?, on Amazon and Goodreads. Dan is an author who hired us to do the marketing work explained below. He's a good example because he left pretty much left everything up to us and had great results.

TL;DR (aka Executive Summary)

TL;DR = Too Long, Didn't Read

In a nutshell... here's what we offer for book marketing. It's a 6-month engagement:

First the first 3 months, we'll reach out to 10 book reviewers per week of similar titles. Our success rate on Goodreads is about 20%. We follow-up with the reviewers in 30/60/90 days.

In month 3 or 4, we'll run a KDP bestseller campaign which involves paid add placements and getting your book in front of over 350k potential readers. We usually see over 1000 downloads in 5 days and you'll show up on the bestseller page (and most of the titles do hit number one in at least one category).

Starting in month 5, after receiving some fresh reviews, we'll setup three AMS campaigns (pay-per-click).

In month 6 we'll monitor and adjust your campaigns and I'll write up a summary report (recent example).

The rest of this page goes into more detail of the work involved. The fee to cover our labor is $299/mo and does not include ad costs for the PPC ad campaigns at Amazon (which is optional). The billing is setup recurring monthly (credit card) and I require a 6-month commitment (which gives us the time we need to get it all done). Although it's never happened, in the event you are unsatisfied with how things are progressing, you can cancel with a 30-day notice.

(end of executive summary)

I will setup your project in AuthorDock, a secure project management web app designed with the needs of book publishers in mind (more info below) and you'll get notified updates on your project as Katrina (your marketing coordinator) and I work on the marketing activities. It goes a long way to keep us all on the same page and I would encourage you to use it. Because book publishing (& promotion) can quickly become a complex monster, we'll stick to a phased (iterative) approach. Again, AuthorDock helps keep it all together - allowing us to focus on one area at a time.

Here's an example of how the project will be setup in AuthorDock:


Month 1

Book launch - Start ARC campaign.

During the ARC (Advance Reviewer Copy) campaign, we send your book out to book reviewers. This labor involved includes:

We'll plan to complete this reviewer outreach within 3 months, and will continue to follow-up with reviewers for up to 90 days after they receive a review copy.

Month 2

Continue the ARC campaign. Goal to have first dozen review by month end (required for a successful KDP bestseller campaign) We'll also place ad promos (30-days in advance) for the KDP Bestseller campaign.

Month 3

Continue the ARC campaign.

Run a KDP Bestseller campaign. During this effort, we'll be getting your book in front of over 350,000 readers. You can expect to get over 1,000 downloads within 5 days.

Month 4

Set up your AMS Campaign. This is the 'sponsored ads' section in Amazon. We'll get your account setup to run ads, yet your decision to actually run ads for your book will be your call.

Month 5

Month 6

I'd suggest we also seek out a narrator for an audiobook edition once your book has a sufficient number reviews.

We are committed to delivering nothing less than our very best every day (and always strive to improve on our best). We discovered long ago that our success is a direct result of the success of our clients. Our aim is produce a result that measures up to the appreciation we have for the work you have already done.

The Bestseller Blueprint

Phase 2: Setup your author profile pages on Goodreads & Amazon

We will setup and optimize your author profile pages at Goodreads and Amazon. 80% of the 20 million members on Goodreads are women, and I am confident it will become a good source of leads for you.

Phase 3: Offer complimentary review copies (ARCs) to book reviewers

Our service includes setting up web pages to: collect, distribute, and track reviews. We will also send out an email blast to our 280+ opt-in reviews at

You can learn more about our ARC campaigns, including a short walkthrough video here.

Phase 4: Run an Amazon KDP bestseller campaign

To boost your credibility and visibility, we can run a KDP Bestseller campaign. We enlist the support (via paid placements) of partners who will feature your eBook in front of 350,000 subscribers. We guarantee a top 10 ranking (our success rate of hitting No. 1 bestseller status is over 99%) in at least one category. Many of our promotions break the top 500 overall.

Phase 5: Setup your AMS campaign

Initial setup of 6 separate targeted campaigns. Collaboration on comp titles, keywords, and ad copy. Includes 1 month of campaign monitoring and optimization (we offer a monthly or quarterly recurring option for campaign updates & optimization). Read more here.


Everything we do is managed in AuthorDock. It's the ultimate project management tool that you and your entire team will be using to correspond in one central location. As a customer, you will be provided access to a secure project room to be utilized for the duration of the project. The beauty of AuthorDock is that you don't need to depend on email and everyone is always on the same page.

Authordock is the tool we've been using continuously since 2015. We developed it in-house to manage the work we do and provide our clients with updates and quick access to vital information. You'll find AuthorDock is uniquely tailored to the needs of authors and publishers! Questions? Schedule a call below!

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